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I realized the extent to which I have missed interacting with children and thier wonderful world of adventure and enthusiasm. - Osanna M. Rosa

My Art Potentials program's purpose is to help children and youth to express their creativity and the activities of the consciousness through their own intelligence in the creation of their own piece of art. The art that brings about one child's own experience that is unique in its own right. This creativity and skills development will continually help them in their learning processes. The learning processes of how to actualize their own potentials that will enhance their self-esteem. The application of these new ways of finding their unique potentials will enhance their educational path of learning many other subjects. My goal is clear and specific in its achievement that each child will find her/his own path in their own existence to understand what makes them unique individuals in their own contribution to the whole.

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The Art of Hand Built Pottery the Book


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May 22, 2008

Osanna M. Rosa

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